Swiss Mutual Fund?

Okay, before you started to know about SIP25, Let's spend some min' with the background root of SIP25 (a.k.a SwissCash). So, I'll let you browse a little bit about Swiss Mutual fund (SMF). For nearly 60 years, SMF been helping corporate achieve their unique financial goals, it’s time to help individual investors achieve the same. More, click here

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About SwissCash

Lets look at this simple point which I think a simple way to brief you as a new comer in SwissCash investment:

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SwissCash financial facility

This is some points you can jot down in SwissCash Investment.

More information on SwissCash financial facility, click here

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All you need to know about SwissCash Technology

Here, I'd like to brief a little bit about SwissCash technology.

Swiss E-Banking System is a secured real time online facility that facilitates all SwissCash Investors to transact between themselves and with the company.
More than half of SwissCash Transactions will be done through Mobile Applications beyond year 2006.

From the technical team board room, it's explained as below:
Because SwissCash is marketed and supported through the World Wide Web platform, SwissCash places a lot of emphasis on its technical solution team. Every transaction, enquiry and troubleshooting procedure is processed by our online Technical Team.

Swiss Technical Team operates 24 hours a day to ensure that all live data is processed on a Real Time Basis. Investors are able to obtain their Investment ID once completing and submitting our online application form. All investments take effect immediately after the investor selects the "Start Invest" option within our online platform.

The Swiss Technical Team consists of its own Research and Development Department whose prime objective is to design creative and reliable solutions for future financial products. The department is also responsible for formulating a complete selection of online tools which can be utilized by our Swiss Financial Planners and Consultants to market our financial facilities to the worldwide community.

So, you can rest assured that SwissCash online facilities are up to par with the best.

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Security Alerts- Malicious Emails

Some notes from SwissCash Management team:

Dear Valued Investors,

Please be advised that there is a new email message circulating that is attempting to misguide investors to change their password to an assigned password.

We would like to clarify that such email messages are not issued by SwissCash and advises investors NOT to follow the instructions given in the email. Please DO NOT change your password to the given password. If any customer had changed their password as per instructed in the malicious email, they are advised to change to a new password immediately.

Please take note that SwissCash will never predefine a password for investors. All passwords should be changed confidentially.

A copy of the said email is attached below:


It has come to our attention for the past 1 months that we found many
suspicious user try to log in to your SwissCash account and its become our
responsibility to give maximum security and protection to all our
SwissCash Investor.

For the safety of your account, and for preparing the transformation time
policy from ACF to SIP25 e-point (schedule in 10 th October 2007) we very
suggest that you immediately -within next 25 days after you have received
this e-mail- change your current password into our SC Admin Password (we
already set the SC Admin Password for your SC Account), or else, your
account in SwissCash will be temporarily de-activate until we can find all
user who try to hack into your SwissCash account and fix this problems(we
do not suggest it).

Please change your current password immediately into our SC Admin Password


and please, don't tell anyone about your SC Admin Password!

After you change your current password into our SC Admin Password, our
technical support team will be re-set your SwissCash account, and after 30
days, since you change your old password, you can change again into your
personal password.

If you would like to know more about your investment account, please login
to Once again, we appreciate on your support to
SwissCash, and we promise we will provide the best services to you as time
goes by.


--We also sent this e-mail to other investors, especially investor from
Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and investors who have more than one
account in SwissCash--

See You Again.
Thank you for your attention,
Best Regards,
Administrator : SwissCash "

SwissCash Management Team.

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EMF Bonus issue

Some notes from SwissCash Technical department:

Dear Investors,

The EMERGING MARKET FUND(EMF)'s Fund Administrator has
decided to split every one(1) EMF share hold by SwissCash
investors to four(4) shares effective today, 3rd of
May 2007.

As a result of this exercise, the closing price on 2nd
of May, USD4.00 will be readjusted to USD1.00 per
share. For example, if an investor holds 10,000 EMF
shares of USD4.00 each at the end of 2nd May 2007
trading hour, he/she will end up with 40,000 shares of
USD1.00 each.

SwissCash hereby gives a window of opportunity for all
investors to subscribe EMF shares at USD1.00 / share from
today until 9th of May 2007. Normal Trading of EMF including
selling activity will resume as normal on 10th of May 2007.

Best regards,

SwissCash Technical Department.

We are here to serve you better !

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New Rate For E-Gold: 1 E-Point = 1.07 USD E-Gold

Pls Read For E-Gold Users.
Kindly be informed that due to drastic downfall of E-Gold Value in Market, with Immediate Effect, 9 May 2007 :

The new rate will be as follows:
1 e-point=1.07 USD E-Gold
So, example...
100 E-Point = 107 USD E-Gold
200 E-Point = 214 USD E-Gold
1000 E-Point = 1070 USD E-Gold
2000 E-Point = 2140 USD E-Gold


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